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Awesome new Huski video is awesome

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No idea of the why but the latest from Softsynth fav Huski is tickling the fancy of your humble blogger in all the right ways when similar directional choices from others have rubbed us in a less appealing manner.

The new single/video “Sleeps Over” is a lot more purely electronic and dance-oriented than their last album, Strangelove and it’s hypnotic and catchy both. We couldn’t be more excited by the forthcoming album, H.

Watch: Sleeps Over

Yet when Marina and the Diamonds (see previous post) or Little Boots or Chew Lips go in a similar direction it feels like a step in a weird place, one that isn’t nearly as satisfying. Now we’re digging the new Marina and the Diamonds and we’re still crazy-looking forward to the new Chew Lips and Little Boots albums, but pure dance without the balls-n-guts that makes their earlier work so strong can feel wanting. We’ll see what those albums sound like and we’re not pre-judging one whit but Huski is showing how cool a directional change can be and how well it can work. Bring on H

Alright 2012, whatcha got for us…?

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So, 2011 is now on the way to the compost heap and we sweep the hearth clean in anticipation of what 2012 will bring. Lots of good stuff on the electronic music horizon, fortunately mostly slated for the early part of the year, which is a good thing as we’ll get to enjoy some good new music in advance of the looming apocalypse in the fall (or is it the spring? We get our apocoli confused).

Our list is topped by Assemblage 23’s Bruise (supposed to be out this fall, but we’ll take it whenever Mr. Shear wants to deliver it, so terrific was his last A23 album); and after hearing sensational advance tracks from Bunny Lake their The Sound Of Sehnsucht is also high on our anticipated list. But these two are far from alone. 2012 looks to be replete with potential awesomeness, to whit: Continue reading

Albums we’re excitedly waiting for – Golden Filter

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We knew US/Aussie pairing Golden Filter as great remix artists lending their talents to great mixes of tracks by bands like Little Boots and Polly Scattergood, but they are beginning to emerge as exciting recording artists in their own right. One of the albums Softsynth is most excited for in 2010 is their forthcoming Voluspa (April 26th). Their early teaser singles “Solid Gold” and “Thunderbird” are pretty great but it’s the soon-to-be-released “Hide Me” that gives us a glimpse of how powerful and interesting this band may end up being. Smooth electronics with a powering backbeat and lovely vocals from Penelope Trappes make for a kick-ass concoction. Consider our appetites whetted…

(Hear a piece of “Hide Me” at their website…where you can also download the track)

Viral video mystery with an electronic twist

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So the interwebs are all a-flutter over the identity of the iamamiwhoami project. What is this, you may ask. Well it’s a mystery band/singer/collective/project that features some really neat electronic tracks with some high quality video to match and the big mystery is: who the hell is this? All we know it’s some cool electronic snippets and the whole thing features a blonde, breathy singer who we can’t quite identify (which has fueled the mystery).

Speculation abounds ranging from Victoria Hesketh of Little Boots fame, to The Knife (and a lot of people seem to think it’s the Knife, and truth be told we’re leaning that way ourselves), to Lady Gaga, to Christina Augilara (which, given her recent work with Ladytron wouldn’t entirely surprise either…). The clips are intriguing as is the mystery itself and we’d totally buy this stuff, especially the track where the mystery singer is licking the tree…

What do you think? Is it The Knife? Is it ‘ol Trent Reznor with a new vocalist, or something altogether new who have brilliantly used the tubes to publicize a new project…?

Coachella looks sweet for the electronic fan

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The new Coachella lineup has been officially announced and it’s killing Softsynth at our inability to attend this year (next year is planned but that was before this killer line up materialized). Lots of our favourite artists from all genres are on tap but in the electronic vibe our community is particularly well represented, not least of which by Gary Numan and Little Boots who appear on the same day (and we would imagine will revisit their awesome collaboration on the Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs”, see below).

Also: La Roux, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, MGMT, Devo (freaking DEVO!), The Big Pink, Phoenix, and a slew of smaller, less well known genre bands. (And beyond electronic music the chance to see Muse, The Dead Weather, Public Image Ltd, Gorillaz, Dirty Projectors, Thom Yorke and Pavement all on one bill is enough to give us a case of the vapors.)

Killing. Softynth. Want to go so very much.

If you’re in Southern California April 16-18 so very worth checking out…

Watch: Venus in Furs

The Softsynth 2009 Playlist (songs of the year ’09)

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So this will be the last in the long line of “lists” for the year. We had mused about doing up a “best singles of the year list”

and were both overwhelmed by the task at hand and felt persnickety about the notion of being limited to just singles.

The era of the single is definitely upon us what with the death of the CD as the last remaining form of “physical” music and the growth of iTunes culture, but damn it, Softsynth is a creature from the age of album appreciation and the best songs are so often not the tracks sent out to be appreciated by the masses, but those that remain buried in the outer confines of an album. (That said many of the best songs

released there were, indeed, singles, so we’re not limiting ourselves here). It’s what made for the great mixed tapes of yore. (And for those of a certain age, too young for the pure album era of the 70s, but older than those who know only the MP3 era, the mixed tape was a crucial part of our musical upbringing. we created our own playlists, as a kind of precursor to the era we increasingly find ourselves in today via one-off MP3 downloads, but with tracks culled from albums or singles as we saw fit, depending on our mood at a given time.)

This is literally the only time through the year that we open things up to acknowledge the best stuff from various genres, not just electronic music (and in our next post we will revisit the question of what exactly constitutes so-called “electronic music”).We will paint with a wider brush just to fully colour in the year. So away we go, the singles of the year, er, songs of the year, uh…no, the “2009 Softsynth playlist”…

Continue reading

Ellie Goulding Softsynth’s newest flavour of the week

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Great Britain’s Ellie Goulding has been a lovely addition to the Softsynth library of late. Still bubbling under the surface we expect to be hearing a lot more from her. Her new single, “Under the Sheets” is now out, along with her first proper video and it’s a bit of a new direction from her. Most of her work has a folk influence while this one is pretty straight forward electro-pop but she does it oh so well. She’s opening for Little Boots on tour currently and we look forward to hearing lots more from this enjoyable new addition to the electronic family…

Watch: Under the Sheets