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Alright 2012, whatcha got for us…?

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So, 2011 is now on the way to the compost heap and we sweep the hearth clean in anticipation of what 2012 will bring. Lots of good stuff on the electronic music horizon, fortunately mostly slated for the early part of the year, which is a good thing as we’ll get to enjoy some good new music in advance of the looming apocalypse in the fall (or is it the spring? We get our apocoli confused).

Our list is topped by Assemblage 23’s Bruise (supposed to be out this fall, but we’ll take it whenever Mr. Shear wants to deliver it, so terrific was his last A23 album); and after hearing sensational advance tracks from Bunny Lake their The Sound Of Sehnsucht is also high on our anticipated list. But these two are far from alone. 2012 looks to be replete with potential awesomeness, to whit: Continue reading


Trent, Peter Murphy et al being awesome

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Just a quick ‘un. Thanks to SideLine for the heads up, but this delicious bit of awesomeness is courtesy of Trent Reznor, Jeordie White, Peter Murphy and Atticus Ross. Loved the original by The Normal (global treasure, Daniel Miller), may love this even more. Worth sharing.

Between How to Destroy Angels and these out takes Reznor has been posting on the NIN site, he and Ross have been producing some of the most fun music out there currently.

Enjoy: Warm Leatherette

Trent Reznor cranking out a new project?

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Rumours are flying that the new band How to Destroy Angels is actually Nine Inch Nails impresario Trent Reznor and his wife, Mariqueen Maandig. Sure sounds like it could be from the clip they made available on their newly launched web site. Not sure with any certainly but either way, we’re ingregued. As long as Reznor is making music we’re sated and if it’s something this promising so much the better. And if by chance this is not Reznor, then good on whoever this really is for the extra publicity (but we still think it’s him…

See, Nine Inch Nails aren’t going anywhere

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Trent Reznor could have been a little clearer at the time he announced for all intents and purposes that Nine Inch Nails were calling it a day. As we speculated at the time, it sounded like he was simply talking about live shows and left the door open for more recorded material and sure enough, on the NIN website he announced:

“2010 has a number of things planned including new material from Nine Inch Nails and something else that isn’t Nine Inch Nails. I am in a state of rediscovery and reinvention that feels unfamiliar, unsure and exactly what I need.” And we breath a sigh of relief. After reaching greater and greater heights of artistic achievement in recent years we want to hear what else Reznor has in store. Add this to the list of albums we are anticipating like giddy schoolgirls…

Top 25 electronic albums: 2000-2009 – Part II

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The top 25 albums of the aughts continues as we count down to #1. There’s a lot of variety in these albums, coming from across the spectrum of electronic music, so many great ones that got left out but the cream rises and herewith, the cream…

Continue reading

Muse channel NIN in latest video

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Softsynth has been very lukewarm on Muse’s overwrought new album, The Resistance (yes, yes it’s Muse, of course it’s overwrought… but sometimes even Muse can start to sound a little too Musey), but from the first listen one track stood out – “Undisclosed Desires”. Easily the most electronic song on the album (compared by Entertainment Weekly to Depeche Mode in terms of sound…and now that you mention it…), it thuds along like a funky metronome, and now it’s the band’s new single. Softsynth only rarely delves into the world of video but this is one worth sharing, if just for the debate that’s already building around the video for its obvious comparison’s to early Nine Inch Nails. Love it? Hate it? Think it’s retrograde Trent Reznor?

Gary Numan + NIN = Perfection

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Quick link, but so worth it. Gary Numan, one our favourite artists of all time, joins Nine Inch Nails, one of our favourite bands of all time performing Softsynths very, very favourite song of all time, the one that started the electro-love, “Cars”. Kick ass version too.

Check it out: