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Is Kickstarter the saviour of the music business?

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Musical artists have been increasingly struggling in recent years, trying to monetize a business model that no longer works as it once did. No one buys music anymore, or at least when they do it’s not using the model most record companies still prioritize. There are exceptions of course, people are still lining up to buy the new Taylor Swift album or their seemingly tenth copy of Adele’s album (88 weeks and counting on the Billboard 200) or even Tony Bennett’s new Duets album, but those artists that have and maintain mainstream chart success are also increasingly those artists that can appeal cross-generationally. It’s become a niche market leaving the bulk of the music business struggling to survive, relying almost entirely on touring as an income generator.

The electronic genre has been hit particularly hard. There are few superstar electronic bands who can sell enough records to make a real run an ongoing viability. For every Depeche Mode, or Goldfrapp, or more recently, Ellie Goulding, we have scores of other artists who are trying to scrape together a model that allows them to continue to produce their music.

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The Azoic back and getting creative to fund their future

Posted in News with tags on August 6, 2012 by softsynth

We’ve missed The Azoic. The Ohio-based EMB-styled band put out some great music some years ago but disappeared from the scene. They are looking to get back in the scene but like so many others, have struggled to make and release music in this challenging world for musicians. We blogged about this very phenomenon recently. Everyone is looking for a business model to survive in this era and some have gotten very creative.

The Azoic are looking for supporters to help fund a new video release and EP for new single “Corruption.” You can help them get new music unto the world and at the same time you can get some very interesting and…”committed” rewards, including a chance to be an extra ($100) or featured player ($200) in the video, an opportunity to party with lead singer Kristy Venrick ($300) or dinner with the band ($500), or getting up there into the truly creative, like having a song written and recorded just for you ($2000), a personal live show ($4000) or the most awesome – a member of the band will get a tattoo of your choice on their body ($5000). That’s devotion to the cause. We’ll be making a donation, albeit more in the “t-shirt” range, but if you like this band, want to help them produce some new stuff and get some really unique incentives, be a part of this great project…


On “best ofs” and yet-to-comes

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I have had a few questions regarding my “best of ’08” list, and yes it’s ridiculously subjective. As are all such lists. I like lists, they play to my anal retentive side. But while fun to contemplate, they are still based on the varying tastes of its particular authors. Among the “big five or six” of the music papers I saw Duffy’s album on two “best of the year” lists” and on one “worst of the year”. I saw the Jonas Brothers on one of each. Same with Chinese Democracy What does any of it mean? Not a whole lot. Unless you are T.V. on the Radio, in which case you are universally beloved by mainstream music press and those who fashion themselves as more of the alternative variety. (Now I like TVotR too, but the collective hysteria over this album is disproportionate to how good the album actually is. It’s good. It is. It’s a fine, clever, well written, well produced album but except for a few stand out tracks it still strikes me as quite ordinary. Good-ordinary to be sure, but still ordinary. Nothing wrong with that but the “It’s as good as Pet Sounds/The While Album/Let it Bleed all rolled into one” wankfest has gone to a silly place. But there again, you have it. It’s so stupidly subjective that what means one thing to one listener means something altogether different to the next.) 

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